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Sports Injury




Keeping your work place healthy

Working Together

At Neus physiotherapy we believe that healthy employees are the key to success and productivity of your corporation. Unfortunately, some jobs and duties which may involve prolonged hours at the desk, extensive traveling, heavy manual tasks and simply high levels of stress may leave your employees with multiple aches and pains. Aches and pains may result in reduced productivity, increased time off work and even prolonged absence should the issue develop further, which may result in a significant financial implications to your corporation.

At Neus Physio we believe in educating our patients and promoting long terms self-management and prevention, which will not only reduce pains and aches but also prevent them from happening again.

We are here to help your employees stay healthy in many different ways – offering face to face appointments involving hands-on treatment, providing online physiotherapy and even conducting group workshops, such as spinal health at work, physical activity and health and sport event specific workshop to help your employees part take in sporting activities pain free.

We would be delighted to hear from your organisation and form a long-standing partnership to help your company and your employees.

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